Rehab People specialise in working alongside people who have neurological conditions.

Specialist rehabilitation programmes and assessments for people with neurological conditions including traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and progressive illness such as Huntington's Disease (HD).

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Huntington's Disease:

Clinical Coordinator for families living with Huntington's Disease

The Clinical Coordinator's role is to coordinate health and support services between the client's GP, Specialists, NASC providers and all allied health people involved in a client's neurological journey. By regularly providing written reports and verbal feedback to all involved, the whole team is able to work together to provide the best possible support for families living with Huntington's Disease.

The Clinical Coordinator works closely with Professor Tim Anderson (Neurologist) and Associate Professor Sandy Macleod (Neuropsychiatrist) to monitor the effects of their recommendations in their patients' own communities. By regular monitoring, the Clinical Coordinator can sense when situations are changing and quickly access the appropriate supports before a crisis develops.

The key eligibility criteria for the Coordination Service are:

  1. Either a diagnosis of Huntington's Disease, as diagnosed by a neurologist or genetic test or a known risk of developeing HD (e.g., one parent has/had HD).
  2. The person referred is currently residing within area serviced by the Canterbury District Health Board (i.e., from Kekerengu in the north to Rangitata in the south and across to Arthurs Pass).

Referrals to the coordination service will be accepted by telephone, fax or email.

The Clinical Coordinator can provide education sessions about HD and its management to any stakeholder asking for support. Sessions have been delivered to

  • Families caring for family members with HD.
  • NZ Care staff at the residential facility for people with HD in Woodham Rd, Christchurch.
  • Carers working in hospitals and resthomes.
  • People who themselves have HD.
  • School teachers who teach children with a parent with HD.
  • GPs & practice nurses.
  • Providers of home help and personal cares.
  • NASC providers.
  • Counsellors.

Sessions can be tailored to the needs of any interested parties.

The Clinical Coordinator supports people across all generations and at any stage of HD. This may include supporting people who have symptoms of HD, people who have HD but are not yet symptomatic and children and young people living in families with HD.

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