Rehab People specialise in working alongside people who have neurological conditions.

Specialist rehabilitation programmes and assessments for people with neurological conditions including traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and progressive illness such as Huntington's Disease (HD).

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Stroke Recovery
Stroke Recovery
Stroke Recovery

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Stroke Recovery:

Rehab People is contracted to the Stroke Foundation to provide group sessions of speech-language therapy and physiotherapy for people who have had a stroke. The sessions are currently held at the Hornby working men's club, the Woolston working men's club, the Shirley St Albans working men's club and the Knox Church Centre in Rangiora. There are one or two therapy sessions each month from February to November, depending on the club attended. The aim of both groups is to rebuild skills and confidence for daily living in a safe and fun environment.

Ellen Nijhof currently facilitates the speech-language therapy groups. Ellen is often supported by under-graduate speech-language therapists from the University of Canterbury. This arrangement has many benefits for both students and group participants. The students bring their passion and enthusiasm and the most up-to-date world knowledge about stroke rehabilitation to the group and a greater number of facilitators means that a greater range of activities is possible. The students in return have a wonderful opportunity to work alongside real people who provide a bridge between their wealth of theoretical knowledge and the actual real-life effects of stroke on people and their families/whanau. The aim of the speech-language therapy groups is to share and practice ideas and stragegies that are likely to make communicating after a stroke easier. Spouses and communication partners are always welcome and encouraged to attend the groups.  

Rebekah Miller and Anna Tillman currently facilitate the physiotherapy groups. The aim of these groups is to improve balance, coordination, range and speed of movement and greater confidence in physical activity. Activities are provided that are fun and encourage participation and yet are also strengthening the muscles that are needed for tasks of daily living such as walking, dressing, gardening, managing stairs etc. By gently pushing the physical limits, under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist, participants have an opportunity to explore activities that they or their families may not have tried. All sessions are geared towards safety, fun, participation and increasing independence.

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